Lots of stuff to cover today!

But first…have you heard?  The BOAT DRAW IS BACK!

Yup! Thanks to Ron and Loretta at Princeton Outdoor Supply we are once again able to offer the chance to win a 10′ AlumaCraft to everyone who enters the #2019PCMDerby!

IMG_2679 (2)

Yeah, we were pretty excited too! Loretta laughed at me. *Shrug* I’m ok with that!

Moving on…

The Derby eligible lakes for 2019!

  • Allison Lake
  • Dry Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Laird Lake
  • McCaffrey Lake
  • Kump Lake
  • Robertson Lake
  • Thalia Lake
  • Ricky Lake
  • Clifford Lake
  • Larry Lake
  • Goose Lake
  • Stoney Lake
  • Courtney Lake
  • Second Lake
  • Kane Lake
  • Harmon Lake
  • Englishman Lake
  • Lundbom Lake
  • Bluey Lake
  • Kentucky Alleyne Lakes (One of these is a youth lake)

Yes, it’s a LONG list! But, we are looking to have a fantastic turnout this year and we wanted to give everyone some options. Hopefully we can avoid overloading any one lake.

Where are my Youth?!

We are going to be having prizes specifically for the youth this year! Peter loved nothing more than his youth fishing programs and the #PCMDerby is a proud supporter of this tradition. All the proceeds from the derby go towards the youth fishing programs offered through Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC 

Call Jamie 604-807-3005 to register your kids for this great family friendly event!


SO MANY PRIZES! This year may be our best year yet for prizes. Our sponsors have really stepped up their game and there will be something for EVERYONE!

Ladies! Youth! And…yeah… you guys too! Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures and announcements. Seriously, you don’t want to miss it.

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