Derby Rules



Friday night June 12th – Sign in opens at 5:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday morning June 13th – Sign in for any late coming Derby entrants will begin at 6:00am. All Derby participants will receive their Participant Package. Participant Package consists of a lanyard, PCM sticker, t-shirt, and ticket for the Angler’s Dinner.

Derby will run from 8am-5pm on Saturday, June 13. Each lake will have a Derby official to record and photograph the fish caught. Anglers must be wearing a lanyard in order to enter a fish with the official.

No more than two fish per person can be entered. Catch and release is permitted provided a picture is taken with an official PCM Derby ruler and entered with the lake Official. Fish are measured by length not weight.

Fish retention is up to the regulations of the lake and the individual angler.

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