May Fishing at Kump Lake

Cary Kump Lake May 2015Good Day!

The boys have been hard at work getting the ranch ready for the Derby next month. Lots of fencing repairs, construction on the outhouses, digging trenches, and hooking up power to the trailers. There is still tons to be done but everything is happening on schedule.

But of course they have also been checking out the fishing on the derby eligible lakes. You know, just to be sure. So they can give out accurate information. These pictures were taken at Kump Lake in the last few days. The weather has been beautiful and the fish are biting!

We can’t wait for derby day and to share our our amazing valley with all of you. Brian Dew Kump Lake May 2015Make sure you visit our website and register for the derby. While you can certainly show up and register the day of the derby we would like to have an idea of how many many be coming so we can plan the food for the Angler’s Dinner. You don’t have to be entered in the derby to attend. Everyone is welcome!

Who’s Hungry?

We’ve had a VERY generous donation for the Derby. PNW Garden Supply has decided to kick start this party. They have donated a pig. *blinks*

We’re going to have a pig roast for the Angler’s Dinner. Not to worry, there will be other things as well (I haven’t forgotten the vegetarians in the crowd). What a fun donation! Thanks so much, Dan! You know we fishermen love to eat!